Wait but can I be 21 forever??

Unfortunately, I guess life doesn't work like that and tomorrow I will be turning 22. I thought I would do the same type of post that I did last year and reflect on the past year and what I want out of my 22nd year. 

This year was all about learning to let things go, enjoying every moment, and being selfish. I've really stopped caring about what other people think, and have tried to only put my energy into relationships that bring me positivity.

When I was younger I always second guessed myself, from what I said to what I wore and what I would do, I was always thinking about how others would perceive me. Is this cool? Will people judge me? Would *insert cool person* do this? These are the thoughts that ran through my head. But now I've realized who cares?? I will probably not see this person in the future and the only person this will truly affect is me. So that's why you and I should just do what we want!! Want to start a blog or have your friend take a photo of you in public or wear cool shoes that are out of your comfort zone? DO it. No shame. 

This year was full of a lot of "lasts" which makes me sad but also forced me to value the experiences I had much more. It was my senior year of college, and even though I have one more year, a ton of my friends will be leaving me so we spent the majority of the year doing things for the last time. It's sad but I know we all have the best of life ahead of us which makes me feel excited.

Letting things go has been a major theme of this year. As a Taurus (yeah not sorry) I have a hard time with having little to no control of plans, but this year I've really had to accept that sometimes things don't go as expected. I've had to learn how to control my anxiety that is usually triggered by uncertainty. And I'm really proud of myself for how I've handled everything that I've had to deal with this year. 

So 22 you have a lot to compete with. I hope this year is filled with more growing, more fun, and more wine. 

Sorry for the reflective/emotional post- I swear my birthday is only once a year.