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Recently I've been trying to incorporate healthier, more wholesome alternatives, vitamins, and superfoods into my life (to balance out my pizza/taco bell splurges). So when the opportunity arose to partner with HUM Nutrition I was alllll over it. I have a ton of traveling coming up and have been trying to get my body to a place that I am happy about. As we all know, beauty comes from within and changing your habits slightly could make a huge difference in your skin, body, and overall mood. 

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  • For the past couple weeks, I've been taking Flatter Me, which supports a flatter stomach and healthy digestion (perfect for bikini season). It helps with bloating and has a ton of enzymes that help to break down all that late night pizza. Plus it's vegetarian and organic. 

  • Eating more fruit and vegetables as snacks

  • I've also been drinking a bottle of room temperature water with lemon in order to boost my metabolism and cleanse my body.

  • *Trying* not to have snacks past 10 pm

  • Adding in superfoods such as camu camu, flax seeds, and collagen (which HUM has in pill form) into my diet 

  • About 20 minutes before bed I have been taking Beauty Zzzz which helps promote beauty sleep and contains natural melatonin and vitamin B6. The best part about it is it's only $10 and you can use my code NEWSETTE for 20% off your order! I have been loving how well I've been sleeping since using it and highly recommend it. 

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All in all, I have been feeling much more energized since incorporating healthy habits into my daily routine. HUM Nutrition's mission is to turn the beauty routine inside out and have inner-health as the starting point of every beauty/self-care routine with a focus on prevention and long-term care, not just damage control and covering up. Their vitamins and supplements all-natural, sustainably sourced, made in the USA, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives, plus many are organic and vegan.

If you want to give HUM Nutrition a try and take small steps in improving your inner beauty click this link and use the code NEWSETTE for 20% off your online order! HUM even has a 3-minute evaluation you can take to target your specific needs and suggest what you should get. 


This is a partnered post with Hum Nutrition, however, all opinions are my own.