As I've said before, I want to use my blog basically for anything I feel like writing about. This includes expressing my thoughts or feelings that don't have to do with the normal beauty, fashion, & travel topics. Today I wanted to talk about how people, especially if you don't live in a large diverse city, are kind of bashed if they try to do something creative or different. 

In middle school, I was made fun of for being too girly. In high school, even though my friends didn't mean it, I was always teased for little things like wearing something different, taking pictures of my food (typical me oops), or expressing that I wanted to be in the fashion industry one day. Only recently have I stopped feeling self-concious about it all. I feel like I'm definitely not alone in this subject so I just wanted to start a discussion. Why is it that we bash people who are trying to do something creative? Is it because we are intimidated? Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not innocent. But sometimes I stop myself and think, wait that's actually cool that they're trying something new.

Creativity comes in so many different forms. From creating art, opening up your own business on Etsy, expressing yourself through what you wear, or taking pictures you think are cool- you are doing something amazing! 

I've made a promise to myself to stop judging others if they're doing something different, and hopefully, more people can do this. Spread positivity, support others, and encourage those who dare to be different.