This week was "market" aka crazy busy (but amazing) at Lafayette 148. Basically, this is when all the buyers come to our showroom to shop the looks they want in their store for that season. Since I cannot feel my legs and because I'm going a little crazy (i put body wash instead of lotion on my legs) I decided to round up some favorites that are keeping me sane.

Favorite Balm (my roomie got me this Glossier Balm Dotcom as a welcoming present and I am obsessed. And it smells like roses so major bonus points. It also doesn't help that the showroom is across the street from my work)

Favorite Jam (I'm feeling this song by Mac Demarco called Salad Days right now) 

Favorite Treat (These homemade vegan donuts were amazing, comment if you want the recipe) 


Favorite Skyline (Just looking at this reminds me how blessed I am to be here) 

Favorite Quote