During this post I'm talking about all things budgeting which I have been trying to do while in the city. It's hard to not get caught up in spending habits (being lazy and taking an uber instead of the subway, ordering out instead of cooking, etc) but little changes make the biggest differences. Here are a couple changes I have made that have been helping me tremendously with saving money (while still having fun). 


1. MAKE RULES So for example a rule of mine that I try to stick to is save eating out for the weekend. During the work week I try to limit going out for lunch by bringing a meal from home. A trick I have is using new recipes I'm excited to try as motivation to cook instead of going out. This week I made two new dishes: Cauliflower Fried Rice & Kale Lemon Ricotta Salad. Another rule I stick by is never buying clothes full price since they are almost always going to go on sale, so why not wait a couple weeks and save some money. 

2. GET AN APP Cause there's one for everything! I have started to use an app called Mint, which tracks my spending and divides them into categories. Every month I set my budget for each category and it even calls me out when I'm spending too much (oops). Another cool app is called Qapital, which I just got. This app automatically takes your "change" every time you spend something on your credit or debit card and transfers it into a savings account. So for example if you spend $4.80 on coffee the remaining $0.20 goes into the savings account. Cool right? 

3. FREE FUN There are sooo many things to do that cost nothing! Trust me, going to a park is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of fun, but if you grab a couple friends and make it a date you can end up having a great time. Museums, festivals, walking, painting- the possibilities are endless. 

4. DEALS Groupon is my saving grace (lol). There are great deals on anything you can think of on this website! Getting my nails done is one of the things I refuse to give up and groupon has awesome deals for this ($30 gel mani AND pedi). Before you splurge, look around.  

Shop my outfit (after you save) and my favorite deals below!