Coming to New York I thought I had a pretty good idea about how living here was going to be like, but to be honest I have been surprised. There are a ton of little things you would never know about NY unless you have lived here. Obviously I don't know everything but I have rounded up a couple things you might find surprising. Let's just say you give up a lot to live in this amazing place. 


1. ELEVATORS So within the first 20 minutes of my arrival in NYC I figured this one out. A ton of apartment buildings in the city are walk-ups, aka I hauled my 60 pound bag up four flights of stairs (and that's not even that bad compared to others). Good thing is I get a booty work out in everyday. 

2. SPLIT CHECKS I have not been to one restaurant here that does this. Venmo and math skills are necessary when going out for lunch or dinner. 

3. MY OWN CAR Sometimes I miss the simplicity of walking 5 feet to my car and driving right to my destination. Again, at least it's a good work out.

4. DEATH BY GROCERY STORE You have not experienced a busy grocery store until you come to a NYC Trader Joe's on a Sunday afternoon. The check out line funnels throughout the store as if you were in a line at Disney and ends with an employee holding a sign up to indicate that it's the check out line. Like what?? I'm just trying to peacefully get some blueberries. You must be prepared to fight through the crowd (or go at a random time in the week). 

5. MEETING UP WITH FRIENDS You have to make an effort to keep your friendships. Time goes by pretty fast so you need to reach out to make plans, or before you know it it's been a month since you've met up. In NY nothing is convenient so making plans and keeping them is essential. 

6. LAUNDRY Having your own washer and dryer is a luxury in New York, so you have to either go to a laundromat and do it yourself or if you are lazy like me, you get a service (surprisingly affordable).  

7. EXPENSIVE *Cries* Why is this bowl of lettuce $18? Why do I live in a box for $3000? This is why budgeting is key. And why you have to fight through Trader Joe's to get your own bag of $3 lettuce. 

All in all it's worth it. To wake up in a place as inspiring and as lively as NYC is a blessing. This has been one of the most incredible journeys I have been on. and the amount I have learned in the past month is endless. Opportunities like this don't come by often and I'm so glad I was able to take this one. 

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