Fiiiinnnnalllllyyyyy it's summer! I only have about three weeks at home before starting my internship in New York City, so I am trying to make the most of it. This week is inspired by some of my favorite summer trends and cute finds.

Favorite Breakfast (If you're looking for a healthy, light breakfast or lunch hard boiled eggs are a go-to. They're so so easy to make and take less than 10 min. I usually eat mine with some smashed avocado, lightly salted cucumber, or anything that's in the fridge)  


Favorite Work-Out Gear (Definitely going to grab a pair of these Outdoor Voices Leggings when I'm in the city) 

Favorite Look (This look is so easy and cute- Pair any off the shoulder top with a jean skirt and you're set) *shop the look down below*


Favorite Indulgence (Cause I already gave you a healthy meal.. Here's a yummy Deep Dish Cookie recipe I want to try soon) 

Favorite Table Decor (LOVE this) 


Favorite Quote